MASIW: support for designing highly reliable software systems

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MASIW: support for designing highly reliable software systems

MASIW is a toolset for developing highly reliable hardware and software systems for avionics, medicine, and other safety critical areas. It is designed for engineers creating airborne hardware/software systems that are developed using the integrated modular avionics (IMA) approach. MASIW can be easily adapted for other application areas.

Features and advantages

MASIW is the technology for optimizing the development and verification process of complex hardware/software systems. It allows performing a preliminary quality assessment of the product before making the first prototype, as well as performing the fault tolerance analysis. This reduces the risk of errors and defects. MASIW is being developed jointly with GosNIIAS.

Despite the presence of the OSATE tool at the start of development, MASIW currently is more functional in the areas of verification, static, and dynamic analysis.

MASIW provides:

  • Creation, editing and management of models based on the AADL modeling language:
    • creation and editing of models using the text and diagram editors;
    • support for team development with the ability to track and modify individual elements of a model;
    • support for the third-party AADL models reuse.
  • Model analysis:
    • hardware+software system structure analysis: hardware resources sufficiency, interfaces consistency, etc.;
    • verification of the developed system for compliance with the requirements;
    • transmission characteristics analysis for the AFDX networks: message latencies, port queue depth, etc.;
    • generation and analysis of fault trees (FTA) to determine probabilities of high-level fault events;
    • architecture-model based analysis of failures and their consequences, including generation of special descriptive tables;
    • simulation of hardware+software system model with user reports generation including software-in-the-loop execution of on-board partitions with RTOS co-emulated with QEMU and with a universal AADL model simulator.
  • Model synthesis:
    • distribution of software applications by computational modules taking into account hardware resource limitations and additional restrictions regarding reliability and security;
    • processor schedule generation (in particular, for ARINC-653 compatible real-time operating systems).
  • Configuration data generation:
    • development of specialized configuration data tools based on the provided software interface (API);
    • configuration data generation for the VxWorks653 RTOS and for the AFDX network equipment.
  • The ability to extend the toolset by creating own modules.

MASIW Workflow

MASIW: support for designing highly reliable software systems


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