Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS


Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) was founded on January 25, 1994, on the base of the departments of System Programming and Numerical Software of the Institute for Cybernetics Problems of the RAS. ISP RAS belongs to the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the RAS. Academician Ivannikov V.P. was at the head of the ISP RAS, he has been in charge for 21 year.

From the 2015 Avetisyan A.I., Academician of RAS, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor is the director of the ISP RAS.

ISP RAS is a scientific organization, within the jurisdiction of Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations of Russian Federation. Institute activity is regulated by the Institute Charter.

The main R&D directions of the Institute include the following:

  • Compiler technologies.
  • Cross development tools for embedded systems.
  • Parallel and distributed programming.
  • Program analysis, reverse engineering, verification.
  • Integration technologies of information resources.
  • Discrete mathematics, numerical analysis.

The activities of the Institute include three main components:

  • Fundamental Research;
  • Software Development and Applied Research for the benefits of the Industry;
  • Education.

Our business model has proved its vitality and efficiency for our industrial partners.

One of the reasons is that presence of high skilled developers in different areas of computer science and permanent manpower development allows us to successfully carry out complex industrial projects satisfying varying requirements of our partners.

At the same time, we provide industrial strength management for our projects. It significantly reduces outsourcing risks of our partners.

The Institute employs more than 200 highly qualified researchers and software engineers, including 12 doctors of science and 45 philosophy doctors. Many employees of the Institute also work as professors in leading Russian universities.


Founders of the Institute participated in the following outstanding projects:

  • Development of system software of the famous USSR computer BESM-6, including operating system D-68 (1968) and real-time operating system ND-70 (1971);
  • Creation of the architecture and system software of distributed system AS-6 (1979), which was successfully used for space flight control at the Mission Control Centers for more than 10 years;
  • Creation of the architecture, system and CAD/CAM software for the Electronica SS BIS supercomputer (1987).