01 October, 2015

10th Anniversary of the Linux Verification Center

October 22, Thursday, at 18.00, the panel section "ISPRAS Linux Verfication Center: First Ten Years" will take place at Digital October Center as a part of Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference.

The Linux Verification Center was founded in September 2005 with support of the Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations. Later it was also supported by The Linux Foundation and other industrial partners. The Center have already been actively working for the ten years.

The rigorous verification methods developed in the Center are based on using formal specifications and formal methods for program analysis. The Center develops its own and contributes to the open source verification tools based on specification based testing, software model checking, deductive verification, theorem proving and solvers.

The tools are applied for the verification of the Linux libraries and the kernel, native real-time operating systems and microprocessors, demonstrating its readiness for industrial application. Although the potential benefits of advanced testing, formal development and verification methods are obvious: increasing of system reliability and competitive strength on software market; the methods are not widespread abroad and quite rarely used in Russia.

What are the reasons for the actual state of affairs? What are barriers for using new technologies? If we don't have universal verification methods, then how to choose the effective set of verification methods for the concrete practical task? These questions will be discussed at the panel with participants from academia and industry.

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