IV ISP RAS Open Conference will take place in Moscow on 5-6 December 2019 14 March, 2019

IV ISP RAS Open Conference will take place in Moscow on 5-6 December 2019

This year the Ivannikov ISP RAS Open Conference will take place on 5-6 December in the Main building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). The main goals are to share and discuss the fundamental achievements in the sphere of system programming and to support the innovation ecosystem, created in ISP RAS for successful development of IT-technologies and their practical use in education, science and industry.

One of the crucial questions will be the problem of cyber security. The participants will discuss the development of new models, methods and technologies, allowing to fix the maximum amount of code mistakes. The main sections of the Conference are devoted to the technologies of program analysis, modeling and transformation, management of data and information systems and the usage of open source software in solving continuum mechanics problems. Also the Conference will host the exhibition of ISP RAS technologies developed for various projects.

“Our experience proves that the academic environment is ideal for education of new specialists and creation of innovative technologies, – the ISP RAS Director Arutyun Avetisyan says, – At present we solve actual problems of developing effective and secure software with small resources and high technological level. Large experience of fundamental research in the sphere of system programming allows us to develop dozens of technologies, and many of them have already come the long way from idea to practical application”.

The Ivannikov ISP RAS Open Conference is an annual event organized by the Institute for system programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) with support of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society. Every year the Conference unites acknowledged researchers from scientific and educational organizations and representatives of leading IT and other companies. This year the Open Conference is dedicated to the Institute’s 25th anniversary. ISP RAS was founded on 25 January 1994 by Professor V.P. Ivannikov for the further development of Russia’s computer science. After the years of successful work ISP RAS became one of the leading Russian education and research centers of system programming. The Institute takes part in commercial projects developing innovative technologies in the spheres of cyber security, data analysis, data management etc. for major Russian and overseas companies (Samsung Group, RusBITech and others).

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