29 June, 2011

НР announces winners of Catalyst Initiative

HP announced the HP the expansion of HP Catalyst initiative – run out of the HP Office of Global Social Innovation – to 56 members with the addition of 21 new organizations from 12 countries and a new "STEM-preneur" consortium.

Each organization is receiving a grant valued at more than $150,000 and will join the prestigious international network of leading educators who are exploring innovations in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education for secondary and post-secondary students. The initial five consortia are leading ground-breaking educational research in different areas.

In 2011 two universities from Russia became winners of the contest: Saratov State Technical university and Saint-Petersburg University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics. Both universities will become part of "STEM-preneur" consortium and will explore how technical education can be combined with the passion of entrepreneurship.

The work of "STEM-preneur" consortium, which also comprises other members from Canada, France, India, the USA, will be led by a team of distinguished faculty researchers from Tsinghua University (China), School of Economics and Management (SEM), Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Besides, the Institute of Systems Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences was named associate member of HP Catalyst community.

"At HP we already have experience of collaboration with these universities, - says Igor Belousov, HP Leading manager for education, research and government relations in Russia and CEE. The acknowledgement of their projects by the leaders in education proves the highest level and professionalism of professors and students at these universities."

Together, the HP Catalyst consortia are focused on a range of issues, from teacher preparation and student-driven learning models to student assessment. Each group is tasked with investigating how emerging technologies can fuel learning experiences that inspire students and promote creative thinking, open-ended problem-solving and cross-cultural collaboration. Since its launch in 2010, HP has invested more than $10M across 15 countries through HP Catalyst initiative.

The consortia are expected to share the preliminary results of their research in September 2011. More information on HP education products and solutions is available at

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