18 April, 2018

OS DAY 2018. Russian Operation Platforms: Reliability Above All

May 17-18, 2018, the 5th Research and Development Conference "OS DAY. Reliability" is due to be held at the headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences which will host developers of Russian operating systems. The issue of reliability will be the main topic for discussion among academic and industrial researchers of software. Attendees will consider methods for designing and developing reliable platforms, tools for ensuring the reliability of software and hardware systems, both at the development and operational stages. The conference is organized by a consortium of leading Russian IT companies and organizations, such as Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS), DZ Systems, Kaspersky Lab, BaseALT, State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS), Swemel, RusBITech, RED SOFT, Trusted Platform Computing Association.

A number of topics, such as technologies to ensure the reliability and resiliency of operating platforms, driver development, reliability tools in the life cycle of software, bug detection techniques, binary and source code analysis, are to be addressed in the course of OS DAY 2018. Participants of the conference will discuss the issues of training highly qualified experts - developers of hardware, operating platforms and system software.

"Training of qualified computer scientists and engineers is the most important element of the ecosystem for the reliable software development," says Arutyun Avetisyan, director of ISP RAS. This is a global problem: there is a shortage of IT experts not only in Russia, but all over the world. And it can not be resolved by a formal increase in the number of specialists. IT engineering education is exclusive by definition, it is very difficult to scale. Young specialists should be trained not just by teachers, but by mentors, practitioners, which are in global shortage. Therefore, we must cultivate our models of education and institutions, which raise their own specialists on a long-term basis."

Novel designs of operating platforms and operating system components, new approaches to the development of various OS of general purpose, embedded OS for control systems, real-time systems and operating platforms for the "Internet of things" will be featured at the OS DAY as well. "Complexity of modern software platforms is one of the main challenges of our time," said Dmitry Zavalishin, CEO of DZ Systems. Engineering of complex systems, ability to decompose and build so-called softly connected systems, are the issues of utmost importance nowadays. The only way to ensure the reliability of a large system is to break it into subsystems, with reliabilities worked out independently, where the mutual penetration of problems from one subsystem to another would be limited."

The main task of OS DAY is to define the objectives and possibilities of Russia in the field of operating platform development, to identify promising technologies, to exchange experience, to identify the challenges and the direction of the IT industry. That was the main purpose of the conference creation five years ago. Its organizers expect of OS DAY 2018 to become a venue for the exchange of experience in training high-profile experts, analyzing the current situation and identifying the challenges in the field of operating platforms, faced by national universities.

An exhibition of designs and products of Russian manufacturers of operating systems and hardware platforms, tools for the development and ensuring the reliability of software will be held within the framework of the conference.

Conference Submission

Submission papers on the reliability of software and hardware systems at the design, development, operation and maintenance phases are accepted at until April, 23.

Applications in free form for participation in the exhibition are accepted until May 10 at

Participation is free

Location: Russian Academy of Sciences

Address: Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 32 "A", green hall.

The conference is supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia), the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC Russia), the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF Russia).

For more information, please contact: Anna Novomlinskaya, OS DAY executive director,


Research and Development Conference OS DAY focuses on the issues of the development of operating platforms and other system software in Russia, the countries of the Customs Union and the CIS.

The main goal of the event is the organization of a platform for the exchange of experience between developers of operating platforms and system software, communication between customers and system software developers, and collaboration in this field.

Organizers: ISP RAS, DZ Systems, Kaspersky Lab, BasALT, GosNIIAS, Swemel, RusBITech, RED SOFT, Trusted Platform Computing Association.

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