26 September, 2016

A product developed by the ISP RAS was implemented in the Tizen OS

A software solution Svace, developed by the Institute for System Programming of the RAS (ISP RAS) was included in software development kit (SDK) for mobile OS Tizen.

Head of the ISP RAS Arutyun Avetisyan and government relations director of Samsung Russian office Marat Guriev reported this to CNews.

Svace is a software solution designed for program code validation (aptitude test). Svace can search for several types of source code defects in C, C++, C# and Java, including memory misoperations, resources and memory leaks and possible vulnerabilities.

Tizen — is a mobile OS, based on Linux core, being developed by Samsung and Intel. The project was announced in September 2011 and was based on two other mobile OS projects — MeeGo and LiMo.

Different Samsung products operate under Tizen at present: phones, TV, smart watch, etc.

Code checking products

Products for code validation form a specific market with relatively small number of players. Among static (working without the need to launch a program to be checked) code analyzers the most known are Klockwork solutions by RogueWave company, Caverity — developed by Synopsys, and Fortify — an HP solution.

The homegrown Svace code analyzer of the ISP RAS is considered as a competitor to Caverity and Klocwork, while development of Klocwork is performed by the ISP RAS as well.

Svace development history

Arutyun Avetisyan says that Svace development in the ISP RAS started more than 10 years ago, when the Institute was headed by academician Viktor Ivannikov (nowadays he is an academic advisor).

Svace validator is used in Samsung since 2009. With the help of this validator the company analyzed its own software products used in cellphones, TV and other Samsung devices operating under Android and Tizen OS.

Marat Guriev says that Svace is a base tool for source code quality assurance in Samsung software.

Financial conditions of purchasing Svace are kept in secret by both Samsung and ISP RAS. Intellectual property rights on Svace are fully belong to ISP RAS.

Along with Samsung, ISP RAS solutions for operational systems testing and verification were used by Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Linux Foundation, Nokia (when developing MeeGo platform), Motorola. Furthermore, they were implemented by Russian developers SRISA RAS, GosNIIAS, KRET.

ISP RAS will tell about joint projects with industrial partners at the ISP RAS open conference in December 2016.

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