27 April, 2017

We invite you to visit the 4th OS DAY conference "Operating system as a platform"

4th Research and Development Conference OS DAYMay 23-24, the 4th Research and Development Conference OS DAY is due to be held in the headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences which will host developers and customers of domestic operating systems. The leading Russian companies and organizations have joined the conference this year: ISP RAS, DZ Systems, Kaspersky Lab, Swemel, BaseALT, Open Mobile Platform, GosNIIAS, RusBITech, "".

OS DAY is a communication platform for theorists and practitioners of system programming and operating system development, a place for the consolidation of Russian developers moving in similar directions. The conference brings together manufacturers of hardware (processors, computing systems), creators of applied and system software as well as customers, thereby linking all the layers of the IT industry in Russia.

First, OS DAY was held in 2014 by the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) and a group of IT companies DZ Systems. Since then, the conference has been held annually. The theme of OS DAY 2017 is "Operating system as a platform." From this year on, it will discuss issues related to the development of operating platforms, which include industry-deployed OS with the entire associated ecosystem (in terms of their efficiency, productivity and security).

"We have decided that it's time to move on to a new stage of development, to create a team of like-minded people who, within the jointly made open space, will start discussing purposefully and methodically the tasks of creating world-competitive Russian operating platforms. First of all, we are going to examine effective development tools, in the whole complex: functionality, productivity, usability, including tools that support the development life cycle of reliable software. To support the conference, we are going to invite the FSTEC of Russia, the Ministry of Defense and other agencies that issue certificates, determine the need for one or another IT product, define requirements for operating software," says Arutyun Avetisyan, Director of ISP RAS.

Since 2017, the founders have proposed to change the format of the conference, turn it into a global platform to help the main Russian developers of system software unite for long-term cooperation. Leading IT companies and organizations have become partners to run the conference. The new community is aimed to identify Russia’s tasks and opportunities in the development of operating platforms, emphasize promising technologies, share experiences, as well as highlight challenges and orientations for the IT industry.

"OS DAY was conceived as a place that would help consolidate disparate efforts of individual groups and companies, identify synergies that would make Russian software development robust and, to a reasonable extent, self-sufficient. Three years of work have shown that an important part of this task is vertical communication, ideally, the end-to-end one: the functional customer, the applied developer, the system developer and the manufacturer of a hardware platform. Today we are expanding the conference framework to involve these people and provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and problems of the industry. Only having possessed the complete picture, we can take informed and balanced decisions. And the new OS DAY conference is designed to provide this picture," comments Dmitry Zavalishin, General Director of DZ Systems.

Alexey Novodvorsky, General Director of BaseALT, says: "The conference has become a convenient and habitual place to discuss the issues of platform development. We are grateful for the invitation to participate in the OS DAY organization. According to our plans, this year the conference will particularly address requirements for corporate solutions, smooth migration to domestic software and domestic hardware platforms, providing information security of the systems. Again, we are expecting productive engagement of customers and fellow developers."

Yuri Sosnin, General Director of RusBITech-Astra, has supported his colleagues: "OS DAY is a profile event where Russian specialists on operating platforms and customers can exchange views without fear of being misunderstood or uninteresting to the audience, learn about legislative initiatives in the field of OS development, get clarifications on the current requirements. Operating platforms are the key components of the software infrastructure, where the issue of technological independence and ensuring national security is especially acute. In this regard, OS DAY is becoming a consolidation measure for coordinated actions of the entire IT industry."

Organizers: ISP RAS, DZ Systems, Kaspersky Lab, Swemel, BaseALT, Open Mobile Platform, GosNIIAS, RusBITech-Astra, "".

The conference is supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia), the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC Russia), the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF Russia).

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