Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Distributed applications design and run time support in Cover Model.


Ivannikov V. P., Dyshlevoi K. V., Kamensky V. E., Klimov A. V., Manzgeley S. G., Omelchenko V. A., Solovskaya L. B., Vinokurov A. A.


The development of distributed object oriented applications implies many problems, concerning such aspects as object migration, coherence of contexts, adding new features to old objects etc. Most of these problems are targeted in approach based on the concept of cover. The cover controls all aspects of objects community life: creation, deletion, migration, method invokations. An interaction between two objects is supported transparently by covers containing these objects. This implies the possibility of transparent extension of an application object with additional functionality by means of the technique of metaobject control.

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Voprosy kibernetiki, N 3, 1997.

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