Parallel object-oriented modeling and visualization in OpenMV environment.

Parallel object-oriented modeling and visualization in OpenMV environment.


Victor Ivannikov, Sergei Morozov, Vitaly Semenov, Oleg Tarlapan, Reinhard Rasche, Thomas Jung


OpenMV (Open Modeler&Visualizer) is a programming environment intended for development of a wide range of applications, such as geometry modeling, simulation, computational mathematics, scientific visualization, computer graphics. Developed applications have a common open architecture that includes an object-oriented kernel being invariant with respect to various areas and problems, unified graphic user interface and class libraries specific for considered application areas. Functionality of an OpenMV application is determined mainly by completeness of included libraries and semantics of their classes. The object-oriented kernel supports representation of final graphic scene as a composition of connected typed distributed data and algorithms and provides uniform mechanisms for composing complex scenes and scenarios from separate instances of library classes as well as for their serial and parallel interpretation. Combining “entity-relationship” paradigm and an original object-oriented approach to modeling and visualization, OpenMV offers more flexibility, extensibility and reusability than traditional visualization and animation systems based on data flow paradigm and allows users to develop complex integrated parallel applications for essentially different areas on the same conceptual, methodological, instrumental and programming basis.


Proceedings of GraphiCon'99. Publisher: Dialog-MSU, 1999. Pp. 206-213.

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