Introducing Trigger Support for XML Database Systems.

Introducing Trigger Support for XML Database Systems.


Rekouts M., Grinev M.


There is a growing number of XML database systems of different kinds now on the market. XML DBMS vendors rushed to enrich their products with more flexible and advanced features to make them satisfy the requirements of modern applications. And the time is ripe for the database research community to study the issues involved with extending XML DBMS with capabilities analogous to those that are popular in traditional DBMS, keeping in mind that XML databases now become a widespread means for storing and exchanging information on the Web, and increasingly used in dynamic applications such as e-commerce.

In this paper, being bound for the issues, we provide a definition of triggers for XML based on XQuery and a previously defined update language, and methods to support triggers in XML database systems.

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SYRCoDIS, 2005.

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