Methods of software verification.

Methods of software verification.


V.V. Kuliamin.


The paper presents review of software verification methods. By verification we mean conformance checking of results of separate phases of software development to requirements and restrictions stated for these results on previous phases. The article considers use of quality control methods, including verification methods, in software development lifecycle. It also presents contents of international standards of ISO and IEEE regulating verification activities in software development. The paper gives classification of verification methods based on current practice of research work positioning in this area. This classification used to review both mature verification methods, widely used in industrial software development, and research ones developed only recently. The review includes methods of static analysis, software review and inspection techniques, methods of software architecture analysis, model checking and theorem proving, along with dynamic verification methods — testing and monitoring. Tool support for each considered method is also discussed.

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Competition of the overview and analytical articles on "Information systems", 2008.

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