Software Portability: Forty Years Later.

Software Portability: Forty Years Later.


Alexey Khoroshilov, Denis Silakov.


The software portability problem is a well-known problem in software engineering, and there are many approaches to fix it. Nevertheless, when the portability question is not considered in time and unpleasant consequences happen as a result, these situations perpetually occur. This report draws attention to this problem. We hope to persuade software developers and their customers to more carefully consider the portability requirement at the initial stage of a project. This report discusses
several examples of incorrect solutions taken. We consider the most popular approaches to fix the portability problem and discuss their virtues and shortcomings.

Full text of the paper in pdf (in Russian)


Portability; interoperability.


Proceedings of the International Conference "Software Engineering Conference (Russia)", Moscow, Russia, October 21-25, 2008. 318-331. (in Russian)

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