Sifting Micro-blogging Stream for Events of User Interest.

Sifting Micro-blogging Stream for Events of User Interest.


Grineva M., Grinev M., Boldakov A., Novak L., Syssoev A., Lizorkin D.


Micro-blogging is a new form of social communication that allows users to post brief text messages to be viewed by either a limited group chosen by a user or by anyone. Micro-blogging encourages users to share information about anything they are seeing or doing, the motivation facilitated by interface simplicity and the ability to use a variety of means for posting messages. Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging tool, is exhibiting rapid growth.

We demonstrate TweetSieve – a system that allows obtaining news on any given subject by sifting the Twitter stream. Our work is related to frequecy-based analysis applied to blogs, but higher latency and lower coverage in blogs makes the analysis less effective than in case of micro-blogs.

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