A conformance test suite for TTCN-3 tools.

A conformance test suite for TTCN-3 tools.


Benjamin Zeiss, Andras Kovacs, Nikolay Pakulin, Bogdan Stanca-Kaposta


With more than 10 years of maturing through industrial use and standardization, the Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3) has become a widely used technology that many businesses depend upon for ensuring their product quality. With the rising number of supporters and tools, the demand for a means to assess the standards compliance of TTCN-3 tools has increased. In this article, we describe the motivation, approach, methodology, and results of the still ongoing project to develop a standardized conformance test suite for TTCN-3 tools. We discuss the challenges involved in creating such a test suite, the way to deal with imposed resource limitations of the project, and where we think the effort is heading.


International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer 01/2013.

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