Object-Component Development of Application and Systems. Theory and Practice

Object-Component Development of Application and Systems. Theory and Practice


Ekaterina Lavrischeva, Andrey Stenyashin, Andrii Kolesnyk.


The Оbject-Componet Development (ОCD) is a variety of the compositional programmings, where a role of elements of assembling is warmed by objects, interfaces and components. For developing application systems, the theory of design of subject domain based on Frege object theory is developed, together with the presentation of their functions by methods and interfaces with formal annotations for saving them in libraries. Mathematical vehicle ОCDs are models, methods, algebra of
operations of objective analysis and their configuring with the use of the component algebra of running, evolution and transformation of data types that are passed between objects through interfaces. Row of the theoretical and applied aspects ОCD was realized in the instrumental-technological complex (ІТC) as CASE-instruments of web-site http://sestudy.edu-ua.net. With their help the students can study, create, model, certify and accumulate or configure the objects and components into repository of ITC, and also assemble together from them in more complex applied systems.

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Object, Reuses, Theory, Object Model, Component, Interface, Applied Systems, Exchanging, Interoperability, Operations, Evolution Systems


Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2014, 7, Published Online August 2014 in SciRes.

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