Ontology model for intelligent catalogues of building elements.

Ontology model for intelligent catalogues of building elements.


V.A. Semenov, V.I. Gonahchan, S.V Morozov & O.A. Tarlapan


Recently, ontologies are seen as an underlying technology for information modeling and knowledge management. They play increasingly important role for annotation of product and service offer-ings on the Web and look promising for creation of intelligent catalogues. A structure of such catalogues may be suffered to permanent changes due to technology innovations and high conceptual dynamics. It induces se-rious problems of data and change management within the deployed catalogues. In the paper a comparative analysis of popular ontology models, languages, and formalisms is conducted in the context of numerous re-quirements to the intelligent catalogues of building elements. A new ontology model is proposed and formally specified to satisfy the imposed requirements. The presented work is done in the frames of the EU project ISES (grant agreement 288819).


eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, ECPPM 2014 Proceedings. Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. Pp. 527-534.

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