Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Simulation-based Hardware Verification Back-end: Diagnostics.


M. Chupilko, A. Protsenko.


Hardware development processes include verification as one of the most important part. Verification is very often done in simulation-based way. After comparison of design behavior and its reference model behavior, the verdict about their correspondence appears. It is very useful to have some means of analyzing potential inconsistency of their output data. It is exactly the subject of this work to supply verification engineers with a method and a back-end tool for diagnostics of incorrect behavior using wave diagrams and reaction trace analysis based on recombination of reaction traces.

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Spring/Summer Young Researchers’ Colloquium on Software Engineering (SYRCoSE), 2014.

DOI: 10.15514/SYRCOSE-2014-8-18

ISBN 978-5-91474-020-4

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