The Operating Computing Complex «Dnepr-2»

The Operating Computing Complex «Dnepr-2»


Lavrischeva Ekaterina.


In paper shortly describes handling calculable complex "Dnepr-2, which including a calculable machine "Dnepr-21" and handling machine "Dnepr-22" for the management by Technologies Processes (TP) objects to Automatisation Systems. Complex"Dnepr-2" was elaborated in Institute of cybernetics AN Ukraine and his special designer bureau of mathematical machines and systems under the direction of the academician V.M. Gluchkov (Decision of CM USSR No 1250 from 12.12.1965). This complex was one of pioneer works in USSR. In him on period of 60 years of past century new and original scientific and technical decisions are realized. In complex "Dnepr-2" was realized management by the calculation and treatment in real time by objects, system of breaking, operation system with the division of time, translators from the new languages (Auto cod, Algol-60, COBOL and others).


Proceedings of the 2014 Third International Conference on Computer Technology in Russia and in the Former Soviet Union SoRuCom 2014.

DOI: 10.1109/SoRuCom.2014.21

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