Establishing Linux Driver Verification Processes.

Establishing Linux Driver Verification Processes.


Khoroshilov A., Petrenko A., Mutilin V., Zakharov V.A.


This paper presents an initiative program aimed at enhancing Linux device driver designing and maintenance by launching a long-term process that will attend the OS kernel development. This process includes two adjacent lines of activity: 1) creation and replenishment of a repository of potential faults and errors that may occur in Linux device drivers, and 2) development and improvement of special-purpose verification tools for automatic detection of all errors specified in repository. We describe in some details both lines of activity, present an architecture of a perspective verification toolset, compare our project with similar work, and finally discuss the current state of art in Linux device driver verification.

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Proceedings of the 7th International Conference "Perspectives of System Informatics", June 15-19, 2009, Novosibirsk, серия Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2009, Springer, vol. 5947, с. 165-176.

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