Information Systems

Own Technologies

Asperitas and cloud solutions family

Asperitas is a platform for data storage and performing complex resource-intensive calculations on demand. It includes a cloud environment also called Asperitas (listed as No. 5921 in the Unified Register of Russian Programs) as well as Michman, a PaaS orchestrator, and Clouni, an IaaS orchestrator. Fanlight, a web laboratories platform, is also a part of ISP RAS cloud solutions family (listed in the Register as No. 6066).

Dedoc: a document structure retrieval system

Dedoc is an open universal system for converting documents to a unified format. It extracts a document’s logical structure, its tables and metadata. The document’s contents are represented as a tree storing headings and lists of any level. Dedoc can be integrated in a document contents and structure analysis system as a separate module.

Docmarking: a system for marking text documents

Docmarking is a unique system for embedding digital watermarks into text documents. It allows creating a digital or physical document copy that is almost indistinguishable from the original yet exactly identifies the user or the device that was the intended recipient.

SciNoon: exploratory search system for scientific groups

SciNoon is a system for collaborative exploration of scientific papers. SciNoon is an essential tool for a group of researchers to dive quickly into the new area of knowledge and to find answers on their questions, following up with tracking new research on the topic of interest with highly customizable alerts.

Talisman: a data processing framework

Talisman is a unified set of tools that automate typical data processing tasks, such as data retrieval, integration, analysis, storage and visualization. It makes possible the fast development of specialized multi-user analytical systems that merge and work uniformly with the data from private databases and Internet sources (including social networks).

Texterra: a semantic analyzer

Texterra — is a scalable platform for extracting semantics from text. It contains the complete fundamental set of technologies for creating multifunctional applications for text analysis. Texterra bases its semantic analysis approach on concept identification. The platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs (No.4048).

Free Software Based and ISPRAS Developed Cloud IaaS Solutions

Cloud infrastructure can significantly reduce resources and development time by optimizing the use of resources and reducing the time required to deploy and configure systems. For example, the load of web-services with a large number of users can drastically change depending on the time of the day, the time of the year and events (such as the Christmas Day). With elastic balancing of resources in the cloud environment, it is possible to save a huge amount of resources. The cloud infrastructure of ISP RAS consists of several components based on the most promising technologies that provide virtualization and reliable storage.

Noon - framework for semantic search and exploration of domain-specific information

Noon is an easily extensible framework for semantic search and exploration of domain-specific information.

API Gateway - a platform for load-balancing

API Gateway provides more than 25 tools based on natural language processing, social networks analysis, and knowledge base utilization.

Sedna - Native XML Database System

Full-featured native XML DBMS with support for the W3C XQuery language. XML is standard for storing and exchanging information in the Web. In order to facilitate work with big amount of XML data we developed special DBMS system that is called Sedna.

Open Source Technologies

Apache Spark - a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing

Participating in development of Apache Spark and using it in own projects.